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1968... today

a journey of Fifty years

The entrepreneurial venture of the family team of Adriano Quadri and Anna Maria Cera started in 1968.

From employees to owners was a natural progression, considering the experience and mature ability gained in the industry. A capacity that allowed themto run two distinctive production bases during two decades. As far as creativity and style is concerned nothing was borrowed.

All these are innate characteristics that during the course of time have distinguished the Quadri’s production and that have become in fact one of the winning features.

Quadri’s life has been dedicated to the planning and the creating of unique jewels, special objects to put on your fingers and necklaces of precious metal and extreme elegance to enrich ladies’ face.

All productions are example of the real master goldsmith. The strength of the artisan work is transparent in the care of details and taste, in the approach to flexible curves and angular elements, of bright and dark metals . There is a distinctiveness that makes the Quadri jewel unrivalled and which during the years has met and spoiled the customers taste, mainly international, hence the value added to the company  has increased.

In order to keep up with fashion and the requirements of the markets (Quadri exports 70% of its production), in synergy with their sons Gabriella and Alberto, new materials have been used with more result in anatomic dynamic and original shapes not that this is unfamiliar to the traditional production of the company.



and the story continues…